Top Senior Student / Top Senior Design Project Awards


Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen (B.Sc Chem. Eng. 2008)
Thanks to a very generous alumnus, Van Nguyen and a matching fund from Fluor Corporation, cash awards for the top senior student and top senior design project have been awarded.


Top Senior student: Tie between Jonathan Matson and Wartini Ng. ($500)

Top senior design project: Enhancements to the Selective Catalytic Reduction System for Lawnmower Emissions. Members of the NOx-Out team are Brian Cruz, Timothy Chow, Jonathan Matson, and Wartini Ng. ($500)



Top Senior student: Diana Elazem. ($500)

Top senior design project: Selective Catalytic Reduction System for Lawnmower Emissions. Members of the NOx-Out team are Jonya Blahut, Joshua Callihan, Rosalva Chavez, Holly Clarke and Risa Guysi. ($500)


Top Senior students: Tie between Shanin Quazi and Sarah Bates. ($500)

Top senior design project: Storm Drain Filter Insert and Indicator. Members of the Sustain-a-drain team are Sarah Bates, Elizabeth Horstman,Thomas Alan Kwan and Shanin Quazi. ($500)



Top Senior students: Tie between Joon Bok Lee and Andrew Mikkelson. ($500)

Top senior design project: Tie between two projects.
Project 1: Residential Fueling with Hydrogen. Members of this team are Marcus Chiu, Christian Contreras, Joon Bok Lee and Jason Skovgard. ($500)
Project 2: Effect of Magnetic Fields on Ionic Solutions. Members of this team are Cindy Brito, James Gutierrez, Alfred Liu, Andrew Mikkelson and Caleb Stanton. ($500)


Top Senior students: Tie between Bryan Goldsmith and Mina Ghabbour. ($500)

Top senior design project: Reduction of Direct Greenhouse Gas Emissions from an Open Pit Copper Mine and the Design of a Biodiesel Plant. Members of this team are Robert Bonderer, Bryan Goldsmith, Mina Ghabbour, Kyle Pease, and Dylan Switzer. ($500)


Top senior student: Elizha West ($500)

Top senior design project: Concentrated Solar Distillation as a Means to Purify Saline/Brackish Water which used an innovative idea of using Fresnel lens to achieve water treatment. Members of the team are Parham Javadinajjar, John Johnson, Chris Salinas, and Elizha West. ($500)